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Monday, January 30, 2012

An odd olefactory reminder

The emeritus prof's office next to my lab is still drying out, not very quickly. They've had fans going for the last 2 1/2 week with the door open to my lab, but nonetheless it got moldy/mildewy. The carpet got washed with a cleaning solution a few times, and once it had dried down and the disinfectant, book and mold smells reached an equilibrium I was greeted with a very odd sensation. My lab now smells like cowdude's apartment. Smell is the most primal of the senses, and it is kind of unnerving.
Cowdude's apartment had a moisture problem, which he battled unsuccessfully for a while before getting a dehumidifier, hence the disinfectant, which is presumably the same kind they used in the prof's office.
I have been in a pretty good mood overall. Work is going well, I like my new office, and my diet is going well - somewhat slow but steady. And yet, last week, before the weird olefactory reminder, I occasionally felt bouts of anger towards cowdude, usually late at night, after a good and busy day. It was sort of unexpected and probably just hormonal. I remember experiencing something similar towards T after I had moved to Ithaca and had some distance and clarity on the situation. The difference is that this is a month, rather than a year later.
Fortunately, this had subsided by the smell started wafting into my lab, but I was still annoyed to be still grappling with reminders mental and olefactory.

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