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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Old Biddy Speaks: Facebook Etiquette

Old Biddy is...WTF?!?! Up at 5 AM, mind racing, can't sleep*....
Dear users of Facebook,
Status updates are fun. I get that. Although I don't post that many myself, I'm generally a fan. I like the random stream of consciousness ones and the non-sequitor ones, the ones that just sound funny, the crotchety commentary on things that annoy you, as well as the more standard news items. However, please spare me the titillating slight bit of information ones ("Survived my first police lineup today"), unless you are prepared to reveal more later when someone inevitably responds with a request for more info. It's just bad form, sort of like making a big deal about having a secret - it's not particularly mature in junior high, and even less so as an adult.
"But old biddy," you say, "I didn't want to spread that information to everyone on Facebook...." Fine. Don't broadcast it at all then, or create a subgroup for your inner circle.
#2 on today's list of things not to do on Facebook is to spend too much time whining about how difficult a class is, especially if you are posting from said class when you should be paying attention and the TA's for the class are some of your Facebook friends. Trust me on this - it will get back to the prof but it will not make them more likely to make the class easier or less work.
Related to both #1 and #2 is the passive-aggressive veiled shout-out to someone you're pissed off at. I know it's really tempting, and I fought the urge to do it a few times after T broke up with me, but really, no good will ever come of it.

*I'm up at 5 since Rugrat woke me up and then I was wide awake due to too much coffee and too much wine last night. Once I was up, I found out that there was a minor lab semi-emergency which will require me to open a can of whupass, either on the students and/or on the company that supplies our nitrogen. Since I couldn't fall back asleep I decided to blog and then get in to work early.

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