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Saturday, April 30, 2011

tornado in CNY

We had several large thunderstorms roll in last week. Typically, the day would start sunny or partly cloudy, then cloud up over the afternoon and start to feel like it was going to rain. The actual thunderstorm would start within minutes of me getting home.
On Thursday night, there was a tornado warning for all of CNY. The first storm started around 9 PM, then eased up slightly before hitting really hard some time after midnight. At one point, the winds got really strong for a minute or two. I think it was stronger than the one hurricane I've experienced. The cats hid under the bed. I got up to close the window, and then the power went out.
The next morning, I realized that a lot of trees had fallen down or had their tops snapped off (none in my yard, fortunately), including the one that took down the power line by the entrance to the subdivision. Later, I found out a tornado had touched down in my neighborhood and also in Danby, which is a few miles south of us. It was strictly minor-league compared to the hurricanes down South, and, fortunately, touched down by the main road rather than in the subdivision. Nonetheless, it was still pretty scary.

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